Thank you for your very heartfelt and raw look at your experience in this class.  I am and have been impressed with your dedication to learning this art form and contributing so fully and wholeheartedly to this class.  I really appreciated what you wrote about measuring yourself to the others in the class and letting that experience help you identify your own inner truth.  Isn’t that the point of it all, discovering our own inner truth, our own unique perspective and then standing tall in that place?

The experience that you shared and the transformation you experienced are exactly what you will lead your clients to.  I am so excited for your future clients. You are exactly what they need.  I have no doubt that you will help them heal their hearts and awaken their souls.

Thank You,
Katie, SWIHA classmate

Dearest Noel,

You never cease to amaze me! You are so warm, loving, caring, compassionate, and so much more, and I have loved every reply coming from you! So uplifting, kind, and nurturing! You are simply amazing, and your future is so bright and filled you many, many of God’s blessings, and it is my prayer for you that you may always feel your magnificence that I have had the great privilege to witness throughout this wonderfully transformational course, and I am going to miss you, and reading your posts, feedbacks, and your artwork. You are a magnificent life coach! I am so very grateful for having had the blessed opportunity of meeting you, Noel!! Thank you with all my heart, Noel!! May your life be blessed with only God’s goodness, always!!

With much love, only in light, and many, many blessings, always,


“I enjoy your professionalism and the topics that we touch on really affect me and touch me and affect my life. You make me think about my life in ways that I don’t.


“I love the way you allowed your client to hear themselves to attend to themselves… Without a doubt Noël, the world needs you; you’re beautiful heart, your gentle spirit and this wonderful ability that you have to heal…  I honor you as a Transformational Life Coach and an incredibly gifted healer… Your ability to communicate, acknowledge, affirm, uplift, inspire; all of those wonderful things is absolutely incredible……majestic!”