What to Expect

Regaining your balance

It’s a delicate act to balance all of the aspects of ourselves and our personal lives. Sometimes just trying to hold it all together takes immense energy that can drain our spirit leaving us depleted and emotionally and spiritually drained.

Are you …

  • Feeling like your work is out of alignment with your purpose?
  • Struggling to find your purpose?
  • Lacking joy, passion and enthusiasm?
  • Gripped with unexplained fears or known fears?
  • Lacking inspiration?
  • Experiencing health issues?
  • Creatively congested?
  • Feeling guilt about certain things?
  • Feeling stuck and unable to move forward?
  • Under a lot of stress or … any amount of stress?
  • Desiring more spiritual meaning to your life?
  • Wanting more self-esteem?
  • Feeling a pull but you don’t know what direction?

Be encouraged! You’ve come to the right place. Balance in all areas of our lives requires a fine tuning on a consistent basis.

It’s like the plate spinner in the circus act; all the plates need to be tended to consistently to keep them spinning. If one plate is left too long unattended, it begins to wobble.

Are you wobbling? A lot of times, it just takes returning to the wobbling plate, giving it a couple spins and the balance returns.

If more than one plate is wobbling, then there’s a little more work to be done to get them stabilized.

The good news is, you have the power to stabilize the wobbling plates and I can help. I have a lot of tools to help you get there.

An Oracle Reading can open up a lot of channels and invite clarity, creativity and healing.

A Spiritual Coaching Session will fine tune and help stabilize a goal or plan.

Guided Meditation can release and invite new opportunities as well as invite creativity to inspire and move in the direction you desire.

It’s a wonderful and pleasant experience and I guarantee you’ll feel renewed and healed with each session. After all, you have the power!

Contact me and together we will get you on track to stability.