About Me


What if …

Nothing is true?
There is nothing to believe in?
This life is a dream?
All that we experience is an illusion?
Every encounter …
Every experience …
And …
Every moment,
Is Divinely crafted to support, benefit and nourish all that is?

How would you live your life then?
How do you want to live your life with this awareness?


I am here, or am I really?

There’s no denying that I am immersed in an experience, but I could not lay claim to any part of it.

As a result, there is no possible way to judge anything, because I cannot trust my thoughts about what is.

Therefore, I’m learning how to play again, for that is all that is left to do.

When we are children, playing is automatic, innate and natural. We don’t make up any rules until someone shows us how, but before that, we just play.

Now that all of the rules have been erased from my experience, I must learn how to play this game of life. It’s not easy for me sometimes because I know that nothing is real … nothing is true. So how do I play pretend?

One would think that should be easy for me and yet, I’m finding it to be an unwinding process. The old rules have been ingrained from years and years of conditioning and now, there are no rules. I must embrace the freedom, for I am being led and divinely guided to explore and stay open to the invitations of this thing I call “Life”.

It’s all delicious, you know?

Join me if you like ♥