About Me

As a Spiritual Guide and Coach, I help lead my clients to connect with their inner wisdom and life purpose. I am committed to supporting each individual to discover their passions and achieve the goals they desire in order to live a more joyous, rich, productive and prosperous life.

As I walk my path, I’ve come to a place of conviction and truth. My truth continues to grow and evolve as I do. I embrace all that life has to teach me through my circumstances and I’m committed to being authentic, genuine, loving, supportive and passionate.


  • In a higher power; God, Source, Divine, Creator, Spirit.
  • That we are all created equal.
  • That God is the breath and source of life. God does not sit high on a throne but rather in our hearts as well as the flow and energy of life.
  • That healing comes from within.
  • That you have ALL the answers for yourself.
  • When we change ourselves, we change our world.
  • Our world is a mirror unto ourselves. If we don’t like what we see, we have the power to change it. Change is an inside job.
  • The challenges in life are an opportunity to grow and they will always leave you a precious gift……always!
  • There are no good people or bad people, only those who are awake or asleep, aware or seeking.
  • We all seek love and want to be loved.
  • The ONLY thing in this life you have the power to control is yourself. When we loose the grips of our attachments to people and things we experience freedom like never before.


As I continue to awaken to all of the gifts of the Universe, I embrace more and more how many of the gifts have been entrusted to me. I continue to discover, and now I’m in a place to trust that using my gifts is a sacred act of love and gratitude. Where in my previous life I was encouraged to hide my gifts, my new life is free of ANY limitations. I invite and explore always for I never know when God will invite me to expand and use what has been entrusted to me.

I have been certified as a Transformational Life Coach through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts School in Tempe, Arizona where I received the highest grade ever given by my instructor. Receiving the coaching certification was the spring board to unfolding my spiritual practice.

I was introduced to Oracle Cards while in school and discovered the depth of healing, clarity and peace the cards brought to each individual. The cards have a divine way of speaking to each individual in a way that brings about healing and perhaps confirmation of their inner knowing. Combining the cards with my coaching is a transforming, healing process for each individual. It’s an honor to be entrusted to these cards and pure joy to use them to bless, heal and enlighten each individual.

In my previous line of work I spent 15 years as a leader and manager in a national cosmetics company where I supported, mentored, coached and guided Independent Representatives to personal and professional success. The foundation I stood on as a leader is, there is no financial and business growth without personal development being at the core.


I have an insatiable appetite to learn and experience the laws of the Universe. I came to Spiritual Coaching after evaluating my previous career and receiving clarity about the part of my work that gave me the greatest sense of purpose and fulfillment. I continue to awake more and more each day as my spirit expands in awareness. My passion is people. Every person I come into contact with has a desire on some level to find their purpose and to live their lives with peace and joy. It became very clear to me that no matter how successful someone is, how much money they have, how many friends they have or how much personal possessions they’ve acquired, if they did not have internal peace, nothing else would quench the thirst for personal fulfillment.

It’s just like building a house; if you do not have a solid foundation, proper wiring and plumbing, no amount of heavy duty construction will build a structure strong enough to weather the storms and the wear and tear of life.