Awakening to Wisdom

‘Perhaps it is not the Wisdom that others see and acknowledge but rather recognizing their own Truth wrapped in her words and actions. Perhaps others wish the same Wisdom for themselves and she will kindly tell them, “You’ve had it all along and you always will, for you cannot acknowledge Wisdom in me unless you possess it within yourself, simply because there is no ‘Out there’, there is only ‘Within’. ‘


 Much time has passed.

She looks in the mirror and she does not recognize the reflection looking back at her.

There is sadness in her eyes and heaviness to her face that leaves her expressionless …

and wondering …

What happened to the sparkle in those eyes? What happened to the smile? What happened to the lift and brightness to her skin? Where did she go? She does not see the person in the reflection that she recognized for so many years. Perhaps that person is no longer.

There’s a bit of remorse as she studies the image … not so much because she misses that familiar face or that image, for she knows that person must step aside for the transformation. She misses the certainty of who she thought she was or who she thought she saw. She cannot deny the person or image and what it represented in the past, but where she’s going now, that person, that image, that belief of what was, can no longer be. She graduated and now she must move on and stand in the shadows for the “Awakened One” to emerge. Certainty is gone and replaced with uncertainty. Now what?! What can she trust in? What’s in her future? Where is she going? Who is she becoming?

It’s a process … the Awakening. For just like a good night’s rest full of dreams, images and feelings of being in another land, only to awaken in the morning and feel somewhat between worlds where only a good cup of coffee or a brisk morning shower has the power to snap her back into consciousness, the Awakening brings her to a similar place.

It’s a place where she feels held in suspension from the world that seemed so familiar and a world that she feels called to but does not fully recognize. Somehow that stiff cup of coffee or that brisk morning shower seems void of the cure to snap her back to reality and offer that warm embrace that gave her solace and security.

As she navigates the illuminated times in daylight and activity she realizes that she is not the same person. She’s been growing through some pain from her past … from her childhood … even perhaps from a previous life and now she emerges on the other side to a place of unfamiliarity and healing.

She looks in the mirror yet again and realizes that she has been living in an illusion. All of the primping and grooming that she used to engage intransformation daily was all in vain. In her attempt to create an image that she can live with, an image that invited her to feel satisfaction, to feel pretty, to feel needed … to feel loved, she was willing to apply the disguise. She needed to be loved and accepted and to show up for that, she felt she needed to create an illusion of her greater self in order to feel whole and complete. She felt beautiful when she saw her image yet she was never really sure if the love and attention that she received was because of all her laborious acts to gain acceptance of her illusion of beauty or if it was because she could really be seen for who she truly was? She was never really sure. Perhaps it was time for her to test her uncertainty and find her truth that rested below the surface of the illusion.

Can the sparkle in her eyes still be present even if the illusion of make-up was not there?

What color is her hair … really, without the disguise of a bottled concoction? If she grew out the dyed strands and allowed her natural strands of silver to emerge, could she still feel the love for herself? Could she still feel beautiful?

What would happen if she allowed her body to take shape, giving herself permission to eat what she liked and do the activities that she really wanted to do rather than the ones she felt she needed to do in order to keep herself in the bondage of discipline?

Discipline is so combative, so abusive, so degrading … so damaging.  Discipline says, “You’re not good enough! You MUST change!”

To clothe herself was truly an art! Just how creative could she be in her wardrobe in order to draw attention? Her beautifully sculpted body was perfectly enhanced by the costume of clothing and yet underneath, she felt like she was a liar; a cheat. If anyone ever really saw her flesh, would they gasp in surprise at all of its imperfections?!

Who was she when she set herself free from ALL the rules … rules that she made for herself in order to be accepted … in order to be loved … in order to embrace who she really was?

Some would say, “Oh my god, she’s let herself go!”

If you ask her what is happening that she allowed herself to get to this place of release she will tell you, “I’ve set myself free!”

Oh and how free it is!!! How very free!!!

The Awakening is a transforming process. It does not happen overnight and she was continuously challenged to compare old beliefs with the new ones and finding rest in what felt right for her. Living in a society where individuality is frowned upon because one appears so different than the others, requires a conviction to trust the internal compass that guides her. At this point in her life, there absolutely was no room for denying that very thing that grabbed her and had her in the clutches of change. It was inescapable. Going back was NEVER an option for the pull of the unknown had a hypnotic effect that kept her searching and searching.Freedom

Something miraculous is happening to her as she accepts the Awakening … the Transformation. If the truth be known, it’s the very thing she sought ever since she read the book of Solomon in the Bible years and years ago. When King David died and Solomon was to take over as king, Solomon asked God for wisdom and discernment above all other things. For he knew if he was wise and discerning, he would always walk in truth. She knew that was the answer to all of the questions she sought in her life … ‘Wisdom’. At that moment, she craved Wisdom above all other gifts.

Wisdom is a rich path. It’s a path laced with an undeniable truth and yet Wisdom will always invite perspective which by the way, is subject to interpretation. What is Truth for one, may not be Truth for another and yet when one follows their own Wisdom, their Truth will always guide them.

She may be wiser then she has ever been and her Wisdom may be her personal guide, the result is walking in her sacred Truth. Others may see her Wisdom as a virtue however she sees it as her direct connection to God. When she listens, trusts and intuits her Wisdom, she walks with uncompromising peace and conviction.

Perhaps it is not the Wisdom that others see and acknowledge but rather recognizing their own Truth wrapped in her words and actions. Perhaps others wish the same Wisdom for themselves and she will kindly tell them, “You’ve had it all along and you always will, for you cannot acknowledge Wisdom in me unless you possess it within yourself, simply because there is no ‘Out there’, there is only ‘Within’.

We all are wise beyond our own comprehension. We all have an internal compass that points the needle in the direction we’re destined to go. When we drop the disguises, when we listen, when we’re ready to awaken and when we’re ready to drop the illusion, Wisdom will emerge and show us the way to our Truth.

May you seek your Truth, walk in your own Wisdom and find your inner peace. You may not recognize yourself for a while but that’s okay. There are some things we just need to let go of in order for the new to emerge … the Awakening … the Transformation. Things, ideas and images must die off or be set aside. Old beliefs and patterns that we found comforting and reliable, must GO! They are no longer needed or necessary. As you awaken and as you seek your Truth, guaranteed, you’ll enter a new land that will be unrecognizable.

awakening 3Embrace you’re Wisdom and it will always guide you to your Truth … for you are wiser then you have ever known. Maybe it’s time to discover just how wise you truly are and allow an uncompromising peace to rein in your life.

I Didn’t Sign Up For this!

“Could it be that you signed up for this life … you and God? Could it be that you agreed to have this experience?”

Have you ever contemplated who you were before you came into existence?

Have you ever wondered if this is the only time you’ve ever been alive?

Who were you before you came into being?

Have you ever spent time wondering how long you’ve been in existence? Was it just this space and time or were there others and if there were others, who were you and what were you doing?

What if you sat down with God/ Spirit/ Creator before coming into this lifetime, and mapped out a course for your life? I’ve never known God to be a dictator but maybe God is and you were told how things were going to be for you or maybe perhaps, God is a negotiator, a mentor, a guide and you both planned together.

What if you and God decided what time you would come in, who you would be, what kind of life you would live, what nationality you would be, what kind of personality you would have, who your parents would be, what kind of experiences you would have, and so on … and so on …

As life unfolded, you may have formed opinions about life’s circumstances based on either others perceptions that you adopted or guards, shields and filters that you put up to protect yourself but if you are an eternal being, what exactly are you protecting?

They say that we have freedom of choice but I wonder… what if we made all of the choices before we came in and now we are living them out in full color.

If it’s true that we are the creator of our own destiny, we walk our own path, we make our own choices and we are the ONLY one who can live our life, can it be possible that it is absolutely perfect and our perception of what is, is actually our own design?

Do we love ourselves or do we hate ourselves for choosing such a path? If we’re in pain, we could choose to hate ourselves and hold ourselves accountable for such an ill justice or put the blame on someone else and adopt the roll of ‘Victim’. After all, we would never choose such a life for ourselves, right? Or … would we?

If … you and God chose this path, if you knew that you are an eternal being, if you can feel and interpret that you have always been in existence, then perhaps you can stop beating yourself up, abusing yourself, cursing your life, hating people who do you wrong and get a glimpse that you are absolutely perfect, created in the image of God and since God is Love, then … you are too. YOU ARE LOVE!

If you believe that God is love, you may spend your entire life discovering just what that means but perhaps, it isn’t discovering God’s love but rather learning to take ownership of the love that we actually are and accepting all that we are and all that we came here to experience. Instead of beating ourselves up because we hate our lives, we could see that we actually ARE the love of God, we ARE eternal beings and we ARE living out an experience that is divine and perfect, custom designed by you and God.

Perception can mess us up! We can perceive people, circumstances and happenings in our lives as bad, unfortunate, the Devil, evil in full force or injustice. We could say that we are living out our Karma and that everything that is happening TO US, is because we are bad, we made bad choices, God is teaching us something that we are ignorant to or we’re being punished for something we have absolutely no clue about and the only one to blame is ourselves but I have to ask, is that true? Are you sure?

Could it be that you signed up for this life … you and God? Could it be that you agreed to have this experience?         agreed

You may ask, “Why the hell would I chose this life? Why the hell would I choose to experience this kind of pain or injustice?”

You chose it because you are an eternal being and this is a temporary place and time that really … means nothing in the bigger scheme of things.

Perhaps it’s like going through the haunted house, or the room of mirrors. Every corner you turn, you experience some new gory creature or image in a distorted mirror. They aren’t real. Nothing is real enough to cause permanent damage. If anything, they cause you to see things differently than they really are. Perhaps they are a disguise or a distraction to either enhance the experience or distract you from who you really are but … they are not real.

Maybe when you awaken from the illusion, you can see that you did design this life, the complexities, the challenges, the hardships, the pain as well as the joys, thrills, happiness, beautiful relationships, blessings and gifts and … love it all because YOU are the designer and creator of it all.

Perhaps now you can love yourself enough to trust that you designed it all, you are perfect, you are a creator and a designer of the most amazing life and an eternal being who has always been and will always be forever and ever!

Now … you can really start living! You can open your eyes and see just how amazing of a creator you are! Look at the people in your life! Look at watching-movie-in-3dyour surroundings, the weather, the landscape, the vastness from coast to coast, from here to outer space. You can see science in motion, creativity at its finest and most elaborate and experience the most extraordinary works of art! Truly, what you have created in this life is breathtaking!

Maybe you did design this life. Maybe you and God agreed and created together so that you could have one hell of an experience. After all, if you’ve always been in existence and you will continue on forever and ever, why not create an experience that extracted all of the elixir and vapors of a life that takes your breath away?