Touch the Garment of the Divine

“This is the calling of the soul. It is what you were created for. It is the current that runs through your veins that gives you life, purpose, passion and the drive to seek space and time to get there again and again. It beckons you with every breath you take, wafting its hypnotic essence to draw you close. It’s where you are healed; body, mind and spirit for you are free. It is the Garment of the Divine.”


“She came up behind him and touched the edge of his cloak, and immediately her bleeding stopped.” —Luke 8:44

She just knew if she could touch him, some place, somewhere … even if it was the hem of his garment, she would be healed.

What a moving and pivotal experience! To just know that somehow, some way, all it took was a touch and healing would take place, smacks passion right in the face.

In a crowd of people, how did she know she reached the garment? How did she know she touched the Garment of the Divine? After all, there were people all around, surrounding Jesus on all sides and yet, she reached and reached until she felt what she was searching for. In an instant, healing took place.

Oh the glory of the experience! How freeing, liberating and cleansing of that poignant moment of healing. The flow of the river of soothing peace and the cleansing of the soul that the infliction was set free! Bliss, refreshment and the quench of the thirst of parchment was soothed and finally, finally healing was hers.

How do we touch the Garment of the Divine? What healing do we seek and how will we know we’ve reached that place where healing grabs hold and we feel whole once again? We all seek this kind of healing. We all seek the Garment of the Divine; it is the place where healing takes place. We all have some aspect of our life whether it’s emotional, physical or spiritual, we crave that healing; we seek it night and day with the intention that we will not stop until we find it.

How powerful a journey this is!

For every one of us, at some point in our lives, we’ve experienced this touch. Perhaps that is why we continue to seek it. We seek it because we know it‘s real and we want more.

As a writer, an artist and a spiritual coach, my home, my healing, and my peace, is when I am in a space where I can express myself completely in my craft. It’s delicious and completely soul satisfying. I’ve touched it and tasted its sweet nectar. It is my passion and it is my place of unbridled freedom that invites me to soar far above all of the limitations and obstacles that can stand in the way. Time stands still when I’m here. I’m free and I’m completely healed.

What gifts do you have? What is the one thing that if time or money was not a factor, you would spend all your energy engaged in this space in your life? Can you recall a time when you were so engaged in this space, that time passed you by and you were not aware of it? Perhaps a glance at the clock shook you out of your hypnotic trance of bliss to remind you that time had passed.

This is the calling of the soul. It is what you were created for. It is the current that runs through your veins that gives you life, purpose, passion and the drive to seek space and time to get there again and again. It beckons you with every breath you take, wafting its hypnotic essence to draw you close. It’s where you are healed; body, mind and spirit for you are free. It is the Garment of the Divine.

Where and what is the Garment of the Divine for you? What do you seek? What gets the juices flowing through your veins that charge your system? What calls to you in your sleep? How does it call to you? How would you know if you grasped it, tasted it, felt it, absorbed it and accepted it as yours?

The young woman knew when she touched it; when her hand landed where her intention drew her. She knew the moment her hands grasped the delicate fabric that she had reached the very thing she sought. I must ask you, would you know if you touched it? What would it feel like? What feeling would you receive from it when you touched it? What do you envision that feeling of healing to be?

Perhaps you might interpret these questions as dreaming or even fantasy however if you truly seek healing, then perhaps they are questions worth answering. When we feel broken or out of sorts, we have a tendency to walk in a daze where we just react to the environment. These questions invite you to get clear about what you seek for your healing. They invite the soul to feel that healing before it has been accepted. What harm could it possibly cause to invite such thoughts and feelings … dreaming or fantasy?

Find your way through the crowd to the Divine. Find your way to your passion and purpose. Find that thing that steels your time and energy only to reward you with life, passion, purpose and healing. It’s the hypnotic essence of life that draws us in to heal. Free yourself and go there now!

When you get there, give yourself permission to embrace and absorb. Give yourself the gift of time; time to bask in the soothing, warm glow of healing. Create many moments to go there again and again and free yourself from the punishment of guilt that can rear its ugly head. Guilt will tell you that you are wasting too much time. Guilt will tell you that there are more productive things to do. Guilt will tell you that you are not worthy of engaging in such pleasurable places for the simple reason that it is just too pleasurable and that there are more important things to do.prayer and gratitude

Did the women in the crowd who touched the Garment of the Divine scold herself for scratching and crawling her way there only to reach her destination? Did she curse herself afterwards because there were more productive things to do and she wasted too much time scratching and crawling? After receiving her healing, did she feel guilty or apologize for lingering too long in the sweet embrace of healing?

It may sound silly, but there’s truth in these words. We live in a society that honors and worships productivity and success. We are valued by the things that we do that put success on a pedestal. We’ve designed our lives and conformed to the tasks that foster achievement and let creativity and passion get thrown aside because they are deemed “Unproductive”. Please hear these words!

Take a clue from the women in the story of Luke … scratch and crawl your way to the Garment of the Divine. Let passion be your driver and let the touch of the garment be your healer. Bask in the sweet ambrosia of healing. Refrain from cursing yourself for the moments and time spent in this space because it is a space of healing.

Do not halt its hypnotic pull. Take heed, set your pace and go! Scratch and crawl if you must and just know you’re on the path to healing and when you get there … when you touch the garment; savor, cherish and give thanks for you have arrived!

A Rich Experience

‘You are an eternal being. You have always been and always will be in existence. There is no beginning of you and there is no end to you. If that is the truth, then why are we really here?’ 

The tree has roots.

The tree has a trunk.

The tree has branches and …

The tree has leaves.

The tree is often a metaphor depicting our connection and relation to God/Spirit/Source; the roots that ground us, the trunk that holds us up, the branches that extend like the limbs of our body and the leaves that invite personal expression and connection to all that is.

Would you say that the trunk has to learn about being a trunk to perform its duty as part of the tree?

Do the leaves have to learn about being a leaf in order to function on the tree?

Do the roots of the tree have to learn about absorbing water and nutrients from the soil in order to grow?

Of course not!

So many times I have heard that we are here to ‘Learn’ lessons. Our purpose here is to ‘Learn’ from all of our experiences.

I question this truth that has been adopted by some. We all have an internal knowing to all things … I believe that. If that is true, then what is left to learn?

If the tree already knows how to be a tree; The roots, the trunk, the branches and the leaves, already know how to perform their innate being-ness as part of the tree I must ask;

Are we really here to learn? If we are all part of the energy and consciousness of God, then do we really need to learn anything?! If God is all knowing, all wisdom and all being, then we are as well and the notion that we still have to learn something more is confusing to me.

What if we’re here for the experience? What if we allowed ourselves to stay spiritually asleep in order to extract the immense juiciness of a colorful, vibrant and suspenseful life that would reflect; the people, the places, the circumstances, the experiences, the sights, smells, tastes, the loves and friendships, of our choosing?

What if our slumber invited us the grand and tumultuous experience that allowed us the opportunity to extract every drop of the elixir of life in order to embrace every facet of the experience from the pains to the joys?

Wouldn’t life be decadent and rich? Wouldn’t our experiences be perceived free and detached from the limitations we put on ourselves? Could we not see life for what it truly is as a temporary space in time to experience the thrill of the ride?!

You are an eternal being. You have always been and always will be in existence. There is no beginning of you and there is no end to you. If that is the truth, then why are we really here?

Perhaps we are here to embrace, A Rich Experience. There is no denying that this life with all of its complexities, exciting moments, personal relationships, fears, turbulent rides of joy and ecstasy as well as moments of rest, boredom, pain and torture, are all part of a unique experience.

We’ve all met fat people, skinny people, wealthy people, poor people, successful people, and unsuccessful people. We know those who are healthy and not so healthy. We know those who have active lifestyles and those who have sedentary lifestyles. We know those who have lived here and there, foreign or local and those who travel all over. There are those who are social beings and those who keep mostly to themselves. We know those who are angry and mean, those who are sweet and angelic, those who are sunny and bright, those who are talkative and those who are quiet and shy.

How rich!

Every one of us is experiencing something different than another. Every one of us has our own circumstances, relationships, hardships, blessings, pains, joys and … life!

How rich!

There is nothing wrong with you!

There is nothing that you have to fix!

There is nothing that needs to be changed!

There is nothing to run from, nothing to fight for and nothing to save or destroy!

Stand back and observe this. Look at how circumstances unfold. Look at the people and all of their colorful personalities. Look at all of the magnitudes of diversities that occur around the world. Look at the people and places that either evokes peace or war. Look at sickness and health and how the world adjusts to this. Look at all of the diverse languages and nationalities. Look at all of the dynamics in relationships, the places people chose to live or the activities they engage in or support. It’s a colorful array of choices and lifestyles.

How rich!

If we can grasp this; if we can stand back from our life, look at it for what it really is; an experience rather than a lesson that we can possibly fail, then perhaps we can all start living, truly living our own lives, knowing that we are eternal beings here for a rich experience … rather than beating ourselves up because we have not learned the lesson or judging someone else because their experience appears to be flawed or they appear to be flawed.

Whether we are indeed here to ‘Learn’ or for the ‘Rich’ experience, we can embrace the decadent and juicy moments that invite rich substance and ecstasy in experiences.

It truly is a rich life and we always have a choice on how we want to live it.

Whether you live it with joy or pain, happiness or sadness, bitterness or sweetness … in the end, it is your life.

I hope you embrace the Richness of it!



‘We are all given some dose of intuition. We all have an innate ability to sense something deeper, much deeper than what the physical senses can detect. For some it’s very subtle and for others it’s very vibrant. As we walk this path, we are awakening to a time where we’re being invited to acknowledge this intuition and to trust it … deeply.’ 

You thought you might have heard … something … or maybe you’re sure you did.

You could have just imagined it, but how can you be sure?

Was there really something out of the corner of your eye that you saw … or was it your imagination?

How is it that you just know the answer to that question and yet, you don’t know how you know?

You had a vision of something a little crazy. Where the heck did that come from?

You felt really uncomfortable about a situation and yet you do not know why. Was it just a feeling you got?

For someone who’s beginning to awaken, these subtle occurrences can be dismissed as just crazy ideas or insignificant sensations. Do we dare tell anybody about them for fear of judgment? If they seem a little “Out there” for you, surely they may seem the same to others so, it’s best to keep them to yourself and yet … you cannot shake them because they are occurring more and more and there’s no denying the impact they are having on you.

I was visiting with my sister one afternoon, having a moment of laughter and giggles and in a flash, I had a vision of my mother smiling at both of us. Mom has been deceased for 3 years. How is it I could see her smiling? Was that smile really there or was it my imagination?

My sister’s husband passed away in June. The paramedics confiscated ALL of the medication that he had been taking as a standard procedure when they escorted him away. While traveling down the stairs one morning a few months later, she was abruptly stopped in her stride at the bottom of the stairs, to a pile of pills at the landing. She hadn’t seen these pills for months and right there, was a handful, on the floor, right in front of her. Where did they come from?

How many times I have turned around gently or quickly because I could feel a presence behind me … looking at me, only to be confirmed.

A dear friend of mine went in for a breast exam to have a lump examined. The lump proved to be benign. After completing the exam, she was released. The tech packed all of his equipment but before she left, she asked the tech, “Well, what about my inverted nipple?” After unpacking the equipment, he conducted a couple more tests and guess what? They found cancer. What would have happened if she didn’t ask?

I have another friend that has feathers appear to her regularly. She just knows it’s her dear friend that passed awhile back or her beloved grandma. She knows which one it is. She doesn’t question it … she just knows.

After steadily losing one tooth after another, one day while getting ready for the day, the word, “Scurvy” flashed into the mind of my Mom. At that moment, she knew why she was losing her teeth.

We are all given some dose of intuition. We all have an innate ability to sense something deeper, much deeper than what the physical senses can detect. For some it’s very subtle and for others it’s very vibrant. As we walk this path, we are awakening to a time where we’re being invited to acknowledge this intuition and to trust it … deeply.

If you’re unsure of your ability to sense, it might be helpful to pay attention to how you respond in communication. Do you say things like;

“I see what you mean”.

“I hear you!”

“I can feel that”.

“I know what you mean”.

Each of these statements is a hint at how you intuitively process information as it comes to you. If you can “See” something, your gift may be Clairvoyance. If you can “Hear”, what others are saying, perhaps your gift is Clairaudience. If you can “Feel” the message being given to you, perhaps your gift is Clairsentient and if you just “Know” what they are talking about, your gift may be Claircognizant.  The truth is however, we all possess all of these gifts, however we may have one gift that is more dominant than all of the others.

You are so wise, so wonderful and if you gave validation to all of the senses you experience, truly magic would abound in your life.

How do you know what to trust? How do you know what intuition is and what it is like to experience it? How do you know what is intuition and what is reflex, understanding or common sense? Perhaps they’re just unexplained occurrences that simply have no meaning.

When Spirit speaks through visions, feelings, hearing or just knowing, it can be subtle. It’s only when we acknowledge and trust these subtle “Hits” that our ability to interpret the information and proceed in faith, can manifest in our lives to the fullest extent. Trust the subtleties, trust the whisper, trust your feelings, trust the visions and when they gently “Hit” you, acknowledge them and allow them to guide you.

Like any gift or talent, in order for them to grow and develop, they must be exercised. If they are continually brushed aside or ignored, they will shut down. If you continually seek, ask questions and stay open to the invitation of expression, they will expand your world and everything in it. You will begin to awaken to all of the magic and perfection in the Universe. Things that used to be scary will become less and less a threat to you. You will begin to see people as the loving and perfect beings that they are. You will begin to experience more and more serendipity and joy in your life. You’ll find that you’ll more frequently be at the right place at the right time and that opportunity will constantly be presenting itself to you. Even if it doesn’t, you’ll be more and more at peace with what is in your life and refrain from feeling like a victim to life’s circumstances.

There are support materials available to the seeker. Here are a few that are beneficial but they are not the only ones. This is a personal path, so I invite you to seek out those things that resonate with you, embrace them and allow them to support you as you develop your intuitive skills. I also want to stress that everyone has their own gifts. Your talents will be special just for you just like the hairs on your head are like no others or the color of your eyes. You are unique and special. It will not support you to compare your talents with that of others but rather embrace what is natural and gifted to you.

  1. Books are very helpful. My favorite one is, Discover your Psychic Type by Sherrie Dillard. Sonja Choquette, Trust your Vibes, is another good one. Both of these authors have others books that will assist you as well.
  2. Gems, stones and crystals are a wonderful way to get in touch with your inner wisdom. Each stone and crystal carramethyst-cluster-1ies its own vibration and while there are books out there that will offer their supporting properties, I would invite you to gravitate to the ones that resonate with you … even if a book description doesn’t match the vibration you feel to the stone. Stones have a magic all their own and the power to bring comfort, insight, creativity, awakening and healing.
  3. Taking a walk in any kind of nature whether it’s in the mountains, the beach, the desert, the sun, the wind, the rain or the snow, there’s a subtle melody and movement to all of nature and when you are alone in this place, your senses are heightened.
  4. Carving out a space of time in your day to meditate and/or pray, is a powerful, powerful activity that allows you to get in touch with yourself, God and your higher power. You have an inner voice that beckons to speak and be heard and if you’re always engaged in activity, on the go, tasking, working, conversing and even exercising, you may miss the wisdom that is being imparted to you. Just like showering, eating, reading, exercising, working or playing, prayer and meditation invites a space and time in your day to stop, plug in and connect. Prayer and meditation fosters insight and conversation with God and our higher self that will impart our own truth. You are so wise and all knowing. Give yourself time and space to get in touch with that.

Intuition is gentle, loving, nurturing, compassionate and intent on showing you the way. Acknowledging the “Hits”, the “Whispers” and the subtle nudges and leadings will guide you along your path and invite you to live for your highest good and purpose. Living our purpose brings us to a space of peace, love, forgiveness and gratitude. When we are here, we are in heaven. Listen to the whisper, explore your gifts and find your home in your heaven.