Awakening Moment

This morning as I was journaling my thoughts, I was guided to share them on this blog. My journaling is a daily practice that is intimate and sacred however, God had impressed upon me that there may be someone out there who will receive for themselves something precious from my “Awakening” moment this morning. Is it you? If not, then let me share a piece of myself with you as I continue to breathe and walk my path for every day, something magical happens that always invites me to go deeper.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Eyes closed … giving, “Thanks”. I breathe and settle in to myself for I am aware that in this space, there is gentle peace. I am well. I am cared for. I am blessed. I am fulfilled … in this moment.

It’s delicious, tranquil and caresses me like a warm, gentle sea breeze.

I want to be more. I find myself reaching and grasping for things beyond my reach. I can feel the strain of something that stands at the edge of my grasp taunting me to reach even further for it will always stay beyond my grasp. It’s supposed to for I am not to reach for it. It must come to me and only then is it pure, right and divine. Any other time, my grasp will snatch it up and at that instant moment, it’s diffused and lost its full blessing.

There is great peace in this awareness. I’m not sure if this awareness will restrain me from forgetting and reaching once again. Perhaps there’s a gift in remembering this awakening moment. This is a powerful moment for my soul and spirit knows that the truth has just been revealed to me because I am ready to release and let go; for I am tired and weary and I AM the one who causes that feeling within myself.

I breathe deeply and release the tension and fears. This is a delicious space ~

I’m conditioned to reach for and grasp. It is the acceptable way of my people. And when I have accomplished this grueling task, then I am rewarded with accolades, acceptance and approval. I soak in the applause and praises of my people and yet, God had something better for me if only I had waited. I can taste just how delicious it could have been, had I waited. Instead, like a hungry beast, I grabbed, shoved in, chewed, swallowed and digested without ever really savoring the flavor and taste of the delicacy. God did not cheat me. I cheated on myself … all for a quick fix or instant glorification from my people that ultimately left me hungry for more. I am currently starved for the very thing that I could have received if I had waited on Gods timing. Oh there is magic and power in my awakening. There’s something sacred and divine about the fullness of a blessing and a gift. I do, I do want to receive in fullness, free from being watered down or thinned out.

So today, I shall wait on God for I am tired, so, so tired of reaching for something that continues to stay a fraction from my grasp. While I can perceive the taste of victory, it will be so much more decadent, satisfying and delicious when IT COMES TO ME! I shall wait.

Letting Go …

The other day, my husband said to me, “You don’t stand for anything anymore. You used to stand for something and now you stand for nothing”.

I took that remark and walked back into my office and just sat with it. I didn’t get upset. I didn’t defend myself and I didn’t negotiate a conversation to try to prove my point. Instead, I let him have his belief without a challenge.

Perhaps letting him have his opinion is just another example that validated his point.

After a long while, letting his words percolate, I gained clarity about his words. I do not stand for anything and that is true. If I did, then it would be because I think there’s something wrong that I must fight for or … stand for or … fix. I do not, for there is nothing wrong with the world. There is nothing and no body to fix. As a matter of fact, the world is perfect! People are perfect! There is nothing to adjust, correct, alter, or even remove. Perfection is all that exists.

How can we possibly know for sure who, what, where or why things happen? How can we judge who is right, what is right, what is wrong, who is wrong? How can we possibly know for sure?!

We don’t need to prove anything to anyone and we do not need to prove ourselves to anyone either. We are all perfect! We are all doing our very best with all that we know and trust. If someone thinks there’s something wrong with that then whose problem is it really? It certainly is not ours and we do not have to own it … unless we choose to.

In the end, the only person who has to deal with you is you. It is enough for you to love yourself, honor yourself, take care of yourself and live for yourself. To take ownership over someone else or something else is completely defeating. They are not part of your plan … only you are your plan.

Therefore, whomever and whatever are perfect because you are perfect. I’m quite sure that if everyone else who struggles, were to just focus on themselves and no one else, it would be absolutely enough for them to take care of.

Perhaps we get involved with the affairs of others because we think that if we can change them, then we’ll finally feel better. If we can show, teach, tell, manipulate, curse, worry, fret, get anxious about, get mad enough or cry enough, fight enough, scream enough, stomp around enough to get them to do something for us that will make us feel better, then we can rest … we win! … We have the POWER!!!

The problem with this belief is that we give up OUR OWN POWER! We’re transferring all our power to them in hopes they will fix something that only we, ourselves can fix. We demand that they fix something that they do not have the power to fix. We transfer our power over to them and expect them to measure up. That is not their job. If we think it is, then we will never be at peace because we will never be able to MAKE others happy.

As 2014 unfolds, may I invite you to give yourself permission to release? Make it a little 2014 commitment where you write down, document, share, discuss, dream and express all of the things in your life that are outside you that you are trying to control, change or fix. Release all of them. Offer them up to the Universe and recognize your hold on them … and let them all go.

Let this be the year that you gain laser focus on you. Write down all of the things that you like, love, cherish, admire and respect. Honor and recognize the things about yourself that you are not that happy with and honor them. Fall in love with yourself, focus on yourself, admire yourself and acknowledge yourself. Give yourself unbridled permission to be less than perfect. Release your expectations of yourself and just let yourself feel what you feel, love what you love, admire what you admire, get mad at what you get mad at and know that those are all natural feelings that beckon to teach you something beautiful about yourself. If they hurt, then let them hurt. If they feel good, then let them feel good. They have a precious gift just for you and if you run or transfer these feelings to another, you miss the gift.

Set people and circumstances aside and let them be. Let them support you, but set your demands and expectations aside. They are not in your world to do for you. They are only there to love you and accept you for ALL that you are and ALL that you are becoming … unconditionally. That is all!

You are beautiful! You are perfect! The world is perfect! Everybody else is perfect! Love what IS and change your life because it is absolutely magnificent and so are you!

Let Life Come To You

We run and run and run. We run here. We run there. We run from and we run to. We are a generation on the go and we have adopted the belief that we must be running to something in order to get it. After all, it will never just come to us unless we are doing our part … right?!

Is that true?

Wouldn’t it be thrilling to know that we do not have to “Do” anything and opportunity will just show up? Yes, I know there are those of you who get a thrill out of “Doing” because it gives you a level of accomplishment and satisfaction but let me ask you this;

If you could achieve the same results from hard action by simply letting life come to you, how would that feel?

I invite you to feel it …

Imagine this: You’re sitting at the edge of the city in the park where you’re engaging in a delightful conversation with a dear friend and you’re both sipping on your favorite beverage. The birds are singing the children are over on the slide enjoying their thrills, a couple strolls by holding hands and perhaps there’s a river at the edge where several rafters casually coast by floating on the current. You are enjoying yourself immensely. There are no worries, you’re not in a hurry to get somewhere, and you don’t have a thing that you have to do or responsibilities that are pressing on your time. You’re just enjoying your connection and conversation with your friend completely in the moment.

Now imagine on the other side of the city, there’s a person walking the streets. This person has a destination to get to and each stride in their steps gets them that much closer. Step by step they move closer and closer. They are given a mission and a destination by the Universe and they are on the move. This person has not announced their intention. They have not shouted their plan to anyone. They are just walking effortlessly with intent. You may see them in the crowd of people as they move through, eyes straight ahead, no distractions, just moving right along. The wind comes, they keep moving. A car honks on the street, they keep moving. A child jumps in front of them; they move around them and keep on moving.

Do you know where they are going?

They are coming to you. There are no detours to take. There’s nothing holding them back. There are no other agenda’s on their schedule to distract them. They don’t need you to do anything to prepare for them. They do not need you to be someplace else. They do not need you to prepare a meal. They do not need you to make any announcements or to call to them. They do not need you to sacrifice anything. They do not need you to race towards them because you really don’t know where they are anyway. You don’t even have to think about them coming. You don’t have to wish for them or will them to come. You don’t even have to pray they’ll come … if you don’t want to. All they need is for you to sit tight and they will arrive on schedule … not a minute too early and not a minute too late. They will arrive right on time. They are on a mission and there is nothing stopping them … EVER!

Whew!!! Now you can rest and go back to enjoying your beverage, the companionship and the great outdoors. Breathe, live, enjoy, laugh, embrace the moment and just be you. Isn’t that nice?

Life will come to you if you let it. When you step in and try to prepare, make adjustments, and put things in order, could it be possible that you may be causing a delay? All life needs for you to do is sit and wait … seriously! Life will show up … Guaranteed!

“Oh” but you say, “God helps those who help themselves”. I must ask, what does that really mean? What if all that means is for you to stay open and ready to receive? What if all you have to do is be willing and available?

It’s just a thought and if you still think that you need to be doing, then by all means go ahead. If you’re getting tired and feel like you’re spinning your wheels, or you’re getting weak with a heavy burden then stop, have a cup of tea, invite a friend over for some delightful and engaging conversation, listen to the birds sing and just rest.

Life and opportunity come no matter what. Why not enjoy yourself and trust the Divine process?

Contemplating Truth …

How can we know for sure if something is wrong or broken?

How can we know for sure if something or someone is right or wrong?

Perhaps if we can get enough believers in the same cause united to stand with us – that will validate our beliefs but … does that much energy in the belief make it true?

How can we know for sure? Are you sure?

If we’ve believed it our whole lives … our whole lives we have lived with this belief that has become our truth, how or why would we change our minds, and why now? Do we need to change our minds?

And speaking about “Minds”, what happens in our mind? What happens in our head? Does thinking happen in our head?

If we change our thinking, can we also change our beliefs? And if we change our beliefs, does our truth change as well? If our truth changes and we begin to believe it, does that make it “The Truth”? What happens if we change that truth because our thinking has changed, what “Truth” is it now?

Perhaps there is no Truth. Chew on that for a minute!

If what we believed to be true changes because now we believe differently, then what is true now?

Oh the magic of infinite possibilities!!!

If our thinking changes our beliefs and our new beliefs change our truth, then truth is constantly changing and evolving and therefore all of life just … Is … there is no stable ground with which to stand on and everything is possible. “Truth” as we know and believe it, is dissolving constantly.

Toss your thinking out the window …

Toss your beliefs out the window …

Toss your Truth out the window …

Let life “Be” what it “Is” because it’s only our thinking that makes anything and everything so in our world but … that doesn’t make it “True”.

Perhaps closing our minds to “Thinking” and opening our hearts to loving what “Is”, invites infinite possibilities. Perhaps all of life truly is magical, wondrous, blessed … perfect! The Universe is perfect!

Loving what “Is” will set us free to experience the magic of life and that is worth living for.