A Graceful Odyssey

I’ve had many, many dreams where I was flying. There are two that I recall where I was experiencing unbridled freedom, soaring above the earth where beauty and expanse were transforming. I glided effortlessly around, over, up and down and doing aerial acrobats that any gymnast would be envious of.  I was free, uplifted, spirited and energized by my freedom. I could travel to any destination without any limitations and I felt an internal joy and peace that was soothing and comforting. I was deliciously alive and full of energy.

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

One has to ask, are we really meant to fret and toil in this life? Are we destined to hard labor, fears, uncertainties, disappointments and dissatisfaction?

What if we were created to soar without limitations? What if freedom to rise above this life and experience all of the joys and excitement were really our birthright? What if…?

I don’t live in a fantasy world, I live in my reality. What’s real to me is mine and no one else’s. I would never ask you to join me in my reality, because it’s not yours to experience. It’s mine and I take ownership of it and guess what? If I want to change my reality, I really do have the power to do that. I want that power, don’t you? Don’t you want to know that you have the power to create whatever reality you desire for yourself?

A Graceful Odyssey is really a lifetime opportunity for everyone. It’s your birthright. What is your dream? Do you fly and soar above the earth in unbridled freedom? Or is your dream more grounded like the waters that traverse effortlessly down the mountain swooshing around rocks and boulders? The current carries all things down stream with an effortless stride. It’s cool, soothing, refreshing and cleansing.

I invite you to let your dream be your odyssey. Let it carry you through the day with ease and grace. Let it guide you over mountains, through valleys, over the waters and through the air. Let it quench the fires and storms of life.
Oh, but you say, “That is not reality”. “That is not the real world”.

And I would say, “Who’s world are we talking about?” Since I get to choose my reality and I have the power to create that which I desire, then anything is possible. Don’t you want to believe that? Or better yet, what do you chose to believe? Whatever that is, I guarantee it’s going to show up for you.

I invite you to take that Graceful Odyssey to your desires and dreams. I invite you to allow your heart to soar to that place that quenches the soul. Give yourself permission to dream and let that dream be the inspiration of Life. Let it create wonder, excitement, possibilities, passion and freedom.

Graceful Odyssey is freedom to be your innate self. Unbridled, spirited, joyful and passionate.

Sending Out Your Intentions

The ripple eventually returns to the sender. For as far reaching as it can possibly go, it hits resistance somewhere out there and then returns.

Let that process…

Do you have a picture in your mind? Now, when we send out the ripple in the water, what does that look like? It’s usually a tight circle and as the rings expand they get wider and wider, right?

When it hits resistance and begins returning, does it look the same as when it started?

Our actions never return to us in original form. It’s usually magnified to some degree beyond recognition. With that being said, everything returns back to us. Whatever we send out ALWAYS returns. You can bet on that!

Let’s imagine:

One day, I had the immense pleasure to do a friend a favor. She needed for me to run to the bank for her to make a deposit. Since she could not get off work on her lunch hour and she had to pay rent that day, I gladly deposited the money in her account so she could make rent.

When this friend of mine Kellie, got off work, she ran into another friend at the store who had her hands full with kids and had to pick up some items for dinner. My friend Kellie, offered to push the cart for her friend Kim so she could tend to her children and get her shopping done quickly and with little stress. When Kim finished at the checkout, she graciously and sincerely thanked Kellie for all her help.

When Kim got home from the store, her friend Chris called and said she needed an emergency babysitter for her daughter because they just put her mom in the hospital. Kim, without hesitation, agreed to help her friend Chris out by taking care of her daughter while she went to the hospital.

While Chris was at the hospital waiting for tests to be run on her mom, an elderly couple came in. It was apparent that the wife needed assistance with her husband as they tried to locate a wheel chair. As Chris was able to locate a wheel chair, the couple thanked Chris for her help and then proceeded to their needs.

When the couple was released from the hospital, they called a taxi to drive them home. While in the taxi, the driver was telling them about how financially tight it was to raise his daughter as a single parent and he liked the flexibility that taxi driving offered so he could be there to support her as she was growing up. Upon hearing his story, the elderly couple slipped the taxi driver an extra $200 tip as a gesture of love.

The next day, the taxi driver picked up a young girl to take her across town to see her grandma because her mom was working. When the taxi driver arrived at the little girl’s destination, she was not able to pay the driver the full amount. In a gesture of love, the driver dismissed the lack of funds, bid the young girl a good day and drove off.

The young girl ran into Grandma’s house, gave her a big hug and sat down to eat cookies and milk. At the end of the day, grandma proceeded to drive the granddaughter home. On the way back home from dropping off the granddaughter, Grandma stopped in the store to pick up some staples like milk and eggs.

Just so happens that I was in that same store as Grandma. While we were both on the baking isle, I was gathering ingredients to make a pie for a holiday gathering. As I glanced at the pecans, Grandma said something about the best pecan pie she’s ever made that has been in her family for generations. When I asked her about her pie, she eagerly shared with me her recipe. It was nothing like mine as it had a layer of cheesecake that glossed the bottom of the pie. It just sounded delectable!

I went home, made the pie and yes! It was the most amazing pie I have ever made. As a matter of fact, it was so well received by the family that they have insisted that I make this pie every year for the Holidays. This pie will be the gift to my family that keeps on giving‚ perhaps for generations.

So the moral of this story is, whenever you offer up a gesture of love, it will always return to you in a different form, but ALWAYS with love. You cannot predict what that will look like but the point is, unless you send out love and you’re willing to share it, you’ll never know what surprises and blessings will return.

Love returns every time in many, many forms. Isn’t it magical that it’s always a surprise and always well received? With the intention of sending out love and love always returning, life is magical, serendipitous and blessed.

I invite you to send out another ripple.

Making Peace With Where You Are At

Take a closer look and you will see the door to the cage that you’ve felt trapped in, has been open all this time. All you have to do is walk through it, spread your wings and fly.

If your next question is “Where would I fly to”, then perhaps that would explain why you stay in the cage.

If your next response is “I’m ready to fly”, then this is your time to discover a new world and what you are capable of.

Freedom is for everyone, but not everyone is ready to receive it. For freedom is not for the faint of heart. When you’re out there soaring in the sky, you’re fully exposed and vulnerable. A strong wind could catch you and toss you about. A storm could come and rain buckets of water on you. It can be very hot and scorching or bone chilling cold and yet, look at you! You’re free, you’re flying, and the universe is your new playground. Go, see, breathe, awaken, experience, delight, and‚ soar. You’re ready and you know it.

If you’re still sitting in the cage staring at that open door, be encouraged. After all, you’re safe, warm and comfortable. There are no surprises that will challenge you because you always know what to expect. It may be uncomfortable and restricting at times, but you know that you still need nourishment and care before you’re ready to spread your wings and fly. Sometimes we just need to stay put right where we are at because we’re still gathering strength. It’s a necessary process of growth and development. Sit, relax, breathe, nurture and love. You’ll fly when you’re ready and not a moment too soon‚ or too late.


Whether you’re ready to step out of the cage spread your wings and fly or you’re staying put because you’re comfortable and cared for, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. Neither is better than the other for each decision arrives at the perfect time‚ your time, and that’s more than ok, it’s perfect!

A Beautiful Path

“Take my hand and walk with me”. This was the loving message I received from God when Mom got lung cancer. As a matter of fact, for the last 9 years, I’ve been holding that same hand‚ and never felt the need to let go.

I don’t walk my path in this life alone. God has always been there, gently, lovingly and ever so patiently guiding me along. It’s a very narrow path and to some degree, that reality comforts me.

I remember many, many years ago while watching the Odd Couple, a TV sitcom with two characters named Oscar and Felix. Felix was explaining the word K.I.S.S, using a chalkboard and a piece of chalk to Oscar and to this day, I have never forgotten it. Felix wrote; Keep. It. Simple. Stupid!

That narrow path is a gift. It’s just wide enough for me to walk it with God right by my side. It really is a simple path with very few twists and turns, climbs or descents in elevation. When my attention is on my companion God then I can breathe, and it truly is so simple.

I’ve been awakened ever so gently, to the great discomforts of life. I had a conversation with a friend a short while back and she put it in this perspective, “What if pain made an agreement with the Universe all those millennia ago that it would take the bad rap for life”? After all, peace, joy, comfort, love, compassion, gratuity, all those others get all of the accolades and glory. Pain perhaps, always knew its gift. Pain is gentle, loving, nurturing and very, very patient.  Pain knows its value but because it causes such an immense amount of discomfort, the love and the gifts are so hard to see.

As we walk this path, this narrow path, I invite you to tune into all of your senses and awareness. Look at the gifts every step of the way.

Listen! Do you hear the birds singing, or the wind as it swooshes through the trees?

Can you smell the delicate ambrosia of the sweet, fresh air, or experience the crispness of the frost as it kisses your nose?

Are your eyes captivated at the foliage, flowers, trees, the sky, the clouds and the movement of the gentle breeze?

Can you feel the warm hug from the sun as it penetrates the atmosphere to caress your skin?

What lies under your feet? Is it succulent blades of grass that caress your feet as you walk? Is it the dirt and sand that cradles your feet as you take each step? Is there a gentle, moving creek that crosses the path inviting you to dip your toes to receive a cool, refreshing burst of energy to carry you forward?

Perhaps a bird, a butterfly or a squirrel has crossed your path or perched in front of you, to invite a slight distraction, …even perhaps a little entertainment. Such whimsy can be so enchanting.

Look at the fields of flowers as their faces reach to the sun to grasp the life giving energy of the warmth and rays of life. Do you see that one that is beckoning you to come, caress it and inhale its divine perfume?

As we walk this path, this beautiful path, I invite you to hold the hand of the Divine, breathe and then open yourself up to see all the beauty and loveliness around you. It beckons you to stop, take notice and receive the gifts it so eagerly wants to give you.

Pain is not the enemy. Pain is the loving teacher that will hold you and love you as you travel the path and then when you are ready, it will release you and set you free to spread your wings. It’s never a moment too soon or too late. I invite you to find comfort and peace with that.

What would that “More” be?

What exactly is, “More”?  The English dictionary states, “Greater or additional quantity, amount, etc.”

A dictionary description is just that‚ a description.

To me, “More” represents a feeling of satisfaction or perhaps the comfort of acquiring something that brings peace, joy, satisfaction and fulfillment.

Shannon is a very successful author and speaker. Her last book hit the “Top Seller” list and now she is in high demand for book signings and speaking engagements. She felt blessed and honored to have shot to stardom and feels she has an obligation to meet and satisfy those who have supported her success. She travels weeks and weeks at a time sharing her positive energy and her inspiration for her creations. She’s flattered that so many people have responded to her gifts and are seeking to receive just a piece of her light hoping to glean something of value and significance for themselves.

It was wild and wonderful at first since it took her so many years to finally arrive that this place of glory. The money is good, the traveling is glamorous and her admirers have boosted her self-confidence and her value and now she can finally afford the lifestyle that she only dreamed about.

The truth is, now her life is completely out of balance. Sure she can finally afford all that life has to offer, all of the material and monetary luxuries that she only dreamed about in the past, but there’s no time left at the end of the day to really enjoy and appreciate them. She has stretched herself so thin that she’s having a very difficult time enjoying her success.

Clara is a mom of two boys with a very loving and committed, working husband. They just bought their first house and have decided that having Clara stay home with the boys is very important. They realize that it is a sacrifice to have Clara stay home, but the rewards of being there for their two boys as they grow up is worth the sacrifice. Money is tight. Clara sometimes has to select what bill she can afford to pay when the check comes in because there just isn’t enough to settle all of the bills. It’s stressful, but she won’t compromise her commitment to her children to be there for them. Sometimes Clara just wishes that she could have the money rolling in without a care in the world so that she could take a breath.

Both of these women are seeking something more. They’ve both committed to their passion, Shannon to her writing and Clara to her family and they are both feeling like something is lacking in their lives. I wonder if Shannon just wishes she could stay home and enjoy the sacredness of her home space and I wonder if Clara just wishes she could escape and create a financial cushion.

Neither are wrong and neither are right. They are in a space in their lives where they’re seeking some kind of peace to the decision they’ve made for themselves. They want to enjoy where they are at and yet there’s a price for the decisions they’ve made.

Welcome to life! We can have “More”, but what are we willing to give up to have it? I believe that we do not have to give up anything. It’s just a matter of identifying what really matters, releasing that which does not serve us and finding peace within ourselves to really live our passion. Is that what you desire for yourself? Do you desire freedom, peace, joy, abundance?

Having a Life Coach offers an avenue to help you explore all the possibilities to freedom and peace. After all, in the end, it’s peace that we seek. It’s the ultimate destination. We may think that we have to work for it but what if we didn’t? What if peace is sitting right there where ever you’re at just waiting for you to embrace it, acknowledge it and accept it? It’s there; let me support you in embracing it.